produttori di olio e di vino del territorio del comune di Suvereto

Driving along the Etruscan Coast on the Aurelia (SS1), you leave the sea to go inland at the Piombino/Venturina sign towards Suvereto. The area is traditionally and culturally a farming area, boasting the scenery of the Tuscan hills but with deep-seated traces of the Maremma and the fascinating balance between man and nature. As you go through the town gates, you enter the mediaeval times still present here, with solid country-style walls circling the town, a stone's throw from the Etruscan town of Populonia, in High Maremma, in the Tuscany that falls between sea and hill. The houses in the Old Town have taken on the colour of stone - but living stone like the living spirit of the people of Maremma who have nature in their blood, but who are open to new cultures.

The climate is very pleasing as are the gently sloping hills that rise from the valley of the Cornia River towards the metaliferous hills. As far as you can see from the turreted walls of the Fortress there is the blue of the Tyhrrenean Sea, the Gulf of Follonica and the Island of Elba, and you can breathe the clear air. Massa Marittima and Volterra are also on the road. The Cornia splits the plains with a fast or lazy flow according to season, looping and meandering, narrowing between banks or widening at the flood beds. It is the axis of the life that surrounds it, that from time immemorial has worked the land, hunted and harvested. Phellem (cork) woods mix with the perfume of the Mediterranean bush and lend a unique touch to the landscape. 'Sughero' in Italian (cork) has been transformed into 'suvero', thus giving the town the name of Suvereto. And the cork oak, with the lion, form the coat of arms of the Municipality. They say that, once upon a time, the lion was rampant, to show how important the ancient community was!

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