produttori di olio e di vino del territorio del comune di Suvereto
The Olive Oil

There are so many olive trees around Suvereto that the hills shine and seem to be painted in silver. It can no longer be said, as the historian Targioni Tozzetti wrote in the mid-18th century, that they are neglected and wild, because they are now neat and cared for and produce vast quantities of that precious juice called extra virgin olive oil.

Young olive trees live next to those majestic, imposing old trees whose trunks are like sculptures, and they are equally productive and a symbol of the love that the farmers have for the olive. Growing olive trees is not so easy: the hilly land is poor and often stony and the free-standing walls, an inheritance from old times, require daily maintenance. But the olive growers are helped by the particularly mild climate that favours the excellent quality of the produce. The Moraiolo olive which is particularly common in the old groves, together with the Leccino and the Frantoio, gives unforgettable fragrance and aroma to the local oil. Extra virgin comes from the green yield, that reminds you of the healthy olives, harvested at the perfect moment of maturity, with a wonderful sensation of the herbaceous and of artichokes, that unite to give that pleasingly bitter, spicy note that never dominates.

Thus, Suvereto is a land of olive oil where the expert olive-growers and the oil millers know how to reconcile the benefits of an ancient traditionl never forgotten, with techniques and technology that are modern and efficient and guarantee not only a genuine product but a healthy one of good quality. You don't buy just olive oil in bottles in the town's shops, because wisdom and love are in the bottles too. And this passion is bound to draw you into the food and wine exhibitions that you come across.

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