produttori di olio e di vino del territorio del comune di Suvereto
The Wine

A Bolognese monk who was travelling in Maremma in the 16th century, said that there was 'a very abundant castle with wine, oil and other fruit'.

Suvereto has always been the land of wine. For the peasants, wine has been more of a staple diet than a drink, for centuries. Even after Elisa Bonaparte, ephemeral, vivacious lady of Piombino, in the 'Bordeaux' manner.
The DOC Val di Cornia was recognised officially in 1989, when a centuries' old tradition was combined with the blossoming modern wine-making that attracted both national and international attention. ln 2000, the sub category of "Suvereto" was officially recognised, dedicated to a greatly appreciated red wine. The introduction was made by the intelligent and refined work of oenologists of the highest level, of Cabernet, Merlot, Sirah and other vines, to the historically typical Sangiovese; the extraordinary development of the estates; the international recognition given to the wines, symbolise the winning combination of tradition and innovation that is the sign of this wine production.

It is a finely woven, lively fabric of small and medium-sized companies who unite the natural quality of their produce to the use of the most modern techniques. The quality of the environment and a dedication and the passion of the agriculturists is itself a sign of this 'land of Wine'. The wine shops and tasting rooms in the old roads of the town and the many fairs dedicated to wine and food complete the picture that shows both the ancient and the new.

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